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About Irving Norman, Blind Momentum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

About Irving Norman, Blind Momentum - Essay Example The introduction of the steel hardware is set apart by hangings portraying glaring lights, toys and smiley faces. The sense of taste utilized is dark with solid suggestions of urban red, with shades of green and purple, emphasizing a scene covered with carcasses and body parts, as neon lights glare from the hangings. Maybe the painter in this specific composition means to draw out the negativity, melancholy and dejection inalienable in the advanced urban life. This in a manner conveys forward Irving’s most loved subject of reprimanding the contemporary occasions and life, encouraging for a feeling of progress. The painter in a manner means to caution the advanced watchers of the outcomes of the mechanical panache for material advancement, at the expense of human goals and desires. The shouting and smoking countenances portray the sterility inalienable in the cutting edge industrialism that picked up grounds during the 60s, when this artistic creation was made, bringing to front the end of blamelessness and a feeling of human family relationship. The whole scene in the artistic creation is violently prearranged in a mechanical manner, explicitly smashing the basic humanness living in the openings of the cutting edge urban

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Leo Kanner, First Described Autisim, In1944, The Mysterious Disability

Leo Kanner, first depicted autisim, in1944, the strange incapacity of mental imbalance is charactized by a particular passionate and scholarly dtachmnt from others and the regular human world. Chemical imbalance is a formative incapacity of the mind, much like mental retardiation, and however numerous medically introverted individuals seem to act hindered, they are as often as possible intellegent. Two to four out of each 10,000 youngsters are determined to have mental imbalance: and 75% of them are young men (chemical imbalance partI). Mental imbalance is normally dagnosed in youngsters before the age of 5. Numerous medically introverted newborn children are differen from birth. Two normal factors in the may display are first angling their move in an opposite direction from their guardian to maintain a strategic distance from physical contact and second neglecting to envision being piked up. Apassive infant is one who hushes up making close to nothing if any clamor. Or on the other hand their are excessively dynamic infants which continually are weeping for their parental figure. During early stages many started to shake as well as strike their head against the bunk, however not generally (Edelson 1). There is grat arrangement of assortment amoung medically introverted individuals. Some medically introverted individuals may never figure out how to talk and many will have the option to work freely. Other may do well in unique strong enviroments (Bitte 3). Chemical imbalance is an imperfection that changes the manner in which an individual's mind forms data (Waldman 1). This is the reason a few kids fall behind in their equivalent adged peers in territories, for example, correspondence, social aptitudes, and congnition. Numerous kids become excessively resolute on a similar schedule ordinary: on the off chance that one is changed even somewhat, the youngster may get steamed and fit of rage. Some normal models are drinking and additionally eating the food at each supper, wearing certain fabrics, or utilizing a similar course to get the chance to class. Most medically introverted individuals discover something that is senseless to other very critical to them (Eldson 4). most mentally unbalanced people appear to have disability in at least one of their faculties. This hindrance can invovle sound-related, visual, material, taste, vestibule, olfactory(smell), and proprioceptive faculties. Roughly 40% of autisic individuals experience inconvenience when presented to specific sounds (Waldman 5).

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The Women’s Rights in Jackson Era Free Essays

â€Å"Meekness, modesty, delicacy, love, immaculateness, self-renunciation, coercion of will†¦. The most attractive blossoms, which our fallen world can produce,† woman†s ideals, as indicated by the most worthy meaning of the characteristic request in the public eye (Melder 2). People involved entirely unexpected social circumstances. We will compose a custom article test on The Women’s Rights in Jackson Era or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now Somewhere in the range of 1815 and 1840 the conditions of women†s lives changed in various manners, particularly in training, under law, and in the perspectives affecting woman†s societal position. The most critical period of American women†s instruction before 1850 was the female theological school development, which in it†s genuine stage started around 1815. Emma Willard, the originator of perhaps the soonest theological college composed the main â€Å"comprehensive structure for a female organization of figuring out how to be circled in America, Plan for Improving Female Education (Melder 16). In 1821, she started The Troy Female Seminary which got one of the most developed and celebrated foundations for instructing ladies in the United States. Catherine Beecher, as Emma Willard, â€Å"sought to change the accentuation in the educational plan from popular subjects to increasingly considerable courses, including, Latin, theory, history, science, and arithmetic. She made The Hartford Female Seminary, considered a model structure â€Å"with it†s huge corridor seating 150 understudies at composing work areas, a library, changing area, and nine recitation rooms†(Davis 399). One of the most valuable commitments of the theological school developments before 1850 revolved around making school showing a significant work for ladies. Ladies supplanted men as instructors first in the New England states during the 1830s, and spread through different areas during the 1840s. â€Å"School reformers accepted that the presentation of ladies educator would not exclusively be practical, however that the flood of females would raise the nature of instruction†(Melder 25). Instruction gave ladies down to earth involvement with authority just as guides to adhere to, yet delivered a twofold standard in learning, constrained chances to utilize their new information, and the example of inconsistent compensation for a similar work as men. Additional proof of the changing status of American ladies might be found in the law. As per Blackstone†s understanding of women†s lawful condition, â€Å"By marriage, the couple are one individual in law, that is, the very being, or lawful presence of the lady is suspended during the marriage† offering ladies little opportunity (Melder 120). In any case, in 1823, Maine gave legitimate assurance to the property rights and individual freedom of wedded ladies who had been abandoned by their spouses, and Massachusetts followed in 1835. At that point in New York in 1836, came an early proposition to give wedded ladies the option to hold free property. While very few other lawful firsts were conceded to the women†s cause, during the 1830s, American ladies took an interest in a progression of change developments which incorporated the utilization of solid beverage, instruction, and the issue of subjection; every one of which would profit the prosperity of the woman†s cause. Ladies were at long last engaged with the development of gatherings, flowing flyers and bulletins, while increasing another since of sisterhood and scholarly freedom. Socially, woman†s position started to change impressively. â€Å"After 1800, white collar class American ladies clearly built up an unmistakable feeling of their suitable sphere†(Melder 7). Ladies were to hoist the scholarly character of her family unit [and] ignite the flames of mental action in early childhood†(Graves 402). The private home was presently the woman†s space in keeping the harmony and â€Å"practical piety†(Melder 8). Woman†s delegated greatness was parenthood; â€Å"in the bearing, nursing, and raising of her posterity, she could most completely do the duties of her proper sphere†(Melder 9). â€Å"The relations among mother and kid may hold a key to the arrangement of numerous social and good ills, and maybe the eventual fate of the country itself†(Davis 22). While Elizabeth Cady Stanton discards the word â€Å"obey† from her marriage pledges, ladies would be relegated to â€Å"conserve the good and strict qualities, particularly to transmit these qualities to succeeding generations†(Melder 143). Ladies were as yet viewed as peasants, sub-sets of their spouses, and constrained for the most part to the home and care of the kids; considerably less given any genuine or critical rights. Ladies were viewed as minor objects of magnificence, and were viewed as mentally and truly second rate compared to men. The battle for women†s rights was a result of progress, testing customary mentalities, requesting the finish of limitations, growing open doors for ladies, and assisting with arranging them broadly. The movement†s purposes, pivotal yet basic, were portrayed by a supporter in 1840: â€Å"I will guarantee nothing for ourselves due to our sex, we should request our acknowledgment as equivalent individuals from the human family. The term â€Å"Woman†s Rights† will get old, for none will engage the possibility that the privileges of ladies contrast from the privileges of men. It is then human rights for which we contend†(Davis 158). Step by step instructions to refer to The Women’s Rights in Jackson Era, Papers

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How to write an essay outline

How to write an essay outline Learning how to write  an essay outline requires a thorough understanding of the assignment guidelines and the purpose of the essay. Once students fully understand what is required, they can proceed to develop a topic and then organize the structural outline of their essay (if students need help coming up with a topic, Questia offers a free topic generator). Essays, of course, begin with an introduction (depending on the citation style, this title may or may not actually appear on the essay) so this should be the first section of any essay outline. The introduction should include relevant introductory statements, a thesis statement and a description of the paper’s contents. Next, the main body of the essay should be outlined, starting with a general overview of the issue or topic of interest, followed by more detailed sections until the main point of the essay is reached. For example, the main body outline for an essay about the importance of professional codes of conduct for lawyers could begin with a section that discusses professional codes in general and their different purposes. The next section in the main body could describe some of the ethical dilemmas that are typically faced by attorneys in their daily practice followed by a concluding discussion of the American Bar Association’s code of professional responsibility. Finally, a conclusion should summarize the findings of the essay but it is important to avoid introducing any new information at this point.   In addition, students can find some additional useful information for outlining essays here.

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Physics Fields and Disciplines of Study

Physics is the branch of science which is concerned with the nature and properties of non-living matter and energy that are not dealt with by chemistry or biology, and the fundamental laws of the material universe.  As such, it is a huge and diverse area of study. In order to make sense of it, scientists have focused their attention on one or two smaller areas of the discipline. This allows them to become experts in that narrow field, without getting bogged down in the sheer volume of knowledge that exists regarding the natural world. The Fields of Physics Physics is sometimes broken into two broad categories, based on the history of the science: Classical Physics, which includes studies that arose from the Renaissance to the beginning of the 20th century; and Modern Physics, which includes those studies which have been begun since that period. Part of the division might be considered scale: modern physics focuses on tinier particles, more precise measurements, and broader laws that affect how we continue to study and understand the way the world works. Another way to divide physics is applied or experimental physics (basically, the practical uses of materials) versus theoretical physics (the building of overarching laws as to how the universe works). As you read through the different forms of physics, it should become obvious that there is some overlap. For example, the difference between astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology can be virtually meaningless at times. To everyone, that is, except the astronomers, astrophysicists, and cosmologists, who can take the distinctions very seriously. Classical Physics Before the turn of the 19th century, physics concentrated on the study of mechanics, light, sound and wave motion, heat and thermodynamics, and electromagnetism. Classical physics fields that were studied before 1900 (and continue to develop and be taught today) include: Acoustics: The study of sound and sound waves. In this field, you study mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids. Acoustics includes applications for seismic waves, shock and vibration, noise, music, communication, hearing, underwater sound, and atmospheric sound. In this way, it encompasses earth sciences, life sciences, engineering, and the arts.Astronomy: The study of space, including the planets, stars, galaxies, deep space, and the universe. Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, using mathematics, physics, and chemistry to understand everything outside of the Earths atmosphere.Chemical Physics: The study of physics in chemical systems. Chemical physics focuses on using physics to understand complex phenomena at a variety of scales from the molecule to a biological system. Topics include the study of nano-structures or chemical reaction dynamics.Computational Physics: The application of numerical methods to solve physical problems for which a quantitative theory already exists.Electromagnetism: The study of electrical and magnetic fields, which are two aspects of the same phenomenon.Electronics: The study of the flow of electrons, generally in a circuit.Fluid Dynamics / Fluid Mechanics: The study of the physical properties of fluids, specifically defined in this case to be liquids and gases.Geophysics: The study of the physical properties of the Earth.Mathematical Physics: Applying mathematically rigorous methods to solving problems within physics.Mechanics: The study of the motion of bodies in a frame of reference.Meteorology / Weather Physics: The physics of the weather.Optics / Light Physics: The study of the physical properties of light.Statistical Mechanics: The study of large systems by statistically expanding the knowledge of smaller systems.Thermodynamics: The physics of heat. Modern Physics Modern physics embraces the atom and its component parts, relativity and the interaction of high speeds, cosmology and space exploration, and mesoscopic physics, those pieces of the universe that fall in size between nanometers and micrometers. Some of the fields in modern physics are: Astrophysics: The study of the physical properties of objects in space. Today, astrophysics is often used interchangeably with astronomy and many astronomers have physics degrees.Atomic Physics: The study of atoms, specifically the electron properties of the atom, as distinct from nuclear physics which considers the nucleus alone. In practice, research groups usually study atomic, molecular, and optical physics.Biophysics: The study of physics in living systems  at all levels, from individual cells and microbes to animals, plants, and entire ecosystems. Biophysics overlaps with biochemistry, nanotechnology, and bio-engineering, such as the derivation of the structure of DNA from X-ray crystallography. Topics can include bio-electronics, nano-medicine, quantum biology, structural biology, enzyme kinetics, electrical conduction in neurons, radiology, and microscopy.Chaos: The study of systems with a strong sensitivity to initial conditions, so a slight change at the beginning quickly become major changes in the system. Chaos theory is an element of quantum physics and useful in celestial mechanics.Cosmology: The study of the universe as a whole, including its origins and evolution, including the Big Bang and how the universe will continue to change.Cryophysics / Cryogenics /Low-Temperature Physics: The study of physical properties in low-temperature situations, far below the freezing point of water.Crystallography: The study of crystals and crystalline structures.High Energy Physics: The study of physics in extremely high energy systems, generally within particle physics.High-Pressure Physics: The study of physics in extremely high-pressure systems, generally related to fluid dynamics.Laser Physics: The study of the physical properties of lasers.Molecular Physics: The study of the physical properties of molecules.Nanotechnology: the science of building circuits and machines from single molecules and atoms.Nuclear Physics: The study of the physical properties of the atomic nucleus.Particle Physics: The study of fundamental particles and the forces of their interaction.Plasma Physics: The study of matter in the plasma phase.Quantum Electrodynamics: The study of how electrons and photons interact at the quantum mechanical level.Quantum Mechanics / Quantum Physics: The study of science where the smallest discrete values, or quanta, of matter and energy become relevant.Quantum Optics: The application of quantum physics to light.Quantum Field Theory: The application of quantum physics to fields, including the fundamental forces of the universe.Quantum Gravity: The application of quantum physics to gravity and unification of gravity with the other fundamental particle interactions.Relativity: The study of systems displaying the properties of Einsteins theory of relativity, which generally involves moving at speeds very close to the speed of light.String Theory / Superstring Theory: The study of the theory that all fundamental particles are vibra tions of one-dimensional strings of energy, in a higher-dimensional universe. Sources and Further Reading Simonyi, Karoly. A Cultural History of Physics. Trans. Kramer, David. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2012.Phillips, Lee. The Never-Ending Conundrums of Classical Physics. Ars Technica, August 4, 2014.Teixeira, Elder Sales, Ileana Maria Greca, and Olival Freire. The History and Philosophy of Science in Physics Teaching: A Research Synthesis of Didactic Interventions. Science Education 21.6 (2012): 771–96. Print.

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My Career At Florida State University - 2014 Words

After completing my bachelor’s degree at Florida State University in the fall of 1997, I began my career at a small hospital in Largo, Florida. I started on a thirty eight bed cardiac/telemetry unit. I had the fortunate opportunity to orient with a seasoned nurse who loved her career in nursing. She was an enthusiastic preceptor that not only educated me on the tasks of nursing but inspired and introduced me to critical care and critical thinking. I spent the next three years at this hospital working in the Coronary Care Unit until deciding to become a travel nurse and see the country. I began travel nursing with my best friend and we worked in Florida, Washington D.C., New York and Denver. At all of these locations we worked in the intensive care unit. Each experience provided a different population and vast new experiences. The hospital in D.C. was in a low socioeconomic area and my knowledge base of wounds, hypertension and diabetes improved. I also learned how to let go of some of my own biases and judgments of people different than myself. In New York, I worked in a large facility on the Upper East Side with a very different clientele. I worked in the pulmonary/medical intensive care unit and with a varied population. New York is home to many different cultures and I learned to understand and appreciate cultural differences. In Denver, we worked at three different metropolitan area hospitals in medical ICU’s. Each of these hospitals provided great learningShow MoreRelatedMy Graduate Career At Florida State University1068 Words   |  5 PagesOn September 24, 2014, I attended the first multicultural event of my graduate career at Florida State University. The Japanese Tea Ceremony was held in the Center for Global Engagement Auditorium from 5-7pm on a Wednesday. Upon entering the auditorium, I was handed a program detailing the ceremony format (Usu-cha Tana-temae). The program had three different types of languages displayed: English, Hiragana/ Katakana and Kanji. Having no prior knowledge of what a tea ceremony entails, I was excitedRead MoreNurse Practitioners : The Best Of Both Worlds1125 Words   |  5 Pagesblood work, etc.) and review results, prescribe medications and treatments, consults with physicians (when needed), and conduct research. A nurse practitioner’s scope of practice can vary from state to state. There are no general limits of authority or responsibility legislated for this health care career. The Code of Ethics for nurses are based on nine provisions and statements: provides a concise statement of the ethical values, obligations, and duties of every individual who enters the nursingRead MoreAcademic Achievement Of Graduate Education1116 Words   |  5 PagesMany undergraduate nursing programs aim to fulfill many pathways into the nursing career while inspiring early achievement of graduate education. The undergraduate programs share multiple commonalities, the differences are visible in the structure of the courses structure and the contents (Billings Halstead, 2016, p. 135). The first curriculum model of training created in the late nineteenth and early to mid-twentieth centuries was the Diploma programs. At first the program was associated withRead More The Profession of Registered Nursing Essay1461 Words   |  6 Pagesand to help support ill patients both physically and mentally. In this essay I will describe and explain what is a registered nurse, education and certification, employment, and professional activities. Registered nurses are licensed by the state in which he or she practices after completing certain training and education. The three educational paths to registered nursing are bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, and a diploma from a approved nursing program. Registered nurses are usedRead MoreThe Senator Of The State Of Florida915 Words   |  4 PagesBrenda Chavez MCOM 1113-14354 Informative Speech #1 October 29, 2015 Marco Rubio The Senator of Florida Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the Senator of the State of Florida Marco Rubio, his family, his education, his career, and how do people perceived him. Introduction I. Immigration has always been a matter of controversy in the United States. Most of us have a foreign background or heritage. However, nowadays we can see major leaders in the world of politics and business thatRead MoreEssay on Personal Statement908 Words   |  4 Pageswas white, privileged, and coddled throughout my suburban childhood and adolescence. Most students in my class were black or brown, poor, and grew up mostly on their own, living on the unforgiving urban street. They opened my eyes (often against my will and certainly against my â€Å"druthers†) to their alternative society. I learned that this hidden society exists unseen and mostly ignored within the larger normal American society of laws, schools, careers, and families; it comes to the attention of generalRead MoreThe Importance Of Epidemious Diseases In My Life1108 Words   |  5 Pages Many students at any university brag about knowing exactly what they would be doing with their lives at exactly what age. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I came into Florida Agricultural Mechanical University with an Associate’s degree and absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with that degree. It wasn’t until my encounter with my Microbiology class that I received a glimpse of the possibility of my dream career. I remember looking at my Microbiology with Diseases textbook enthralledRead MoreThe Career Path For Criminology920 Words   |  4 PagesAll of my life I thought I would be a teacher. My parents and sister are teachers and when I went to college many years ago, I was training to be a teacher as well. I thought that was the only path for me. After taking Sigi3, I realized that I could choose a different path. One of the career paths recommended in my Sigi3 results was Criminology. Reading the job description for criminology I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. I have always enjoyed the study of human nature and I am a strong proponentRead MoreI Have A Clear Career Plan1257 Words   |  6 PagesI have a clear career plan that has multiple stages. In 2012, I received my Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering after graduating from University of Florida. I moved to South Florida to start my first job as a software development engineer in Citrix Systems Inc. This is the beginning of my career. I felt very comfortable with my role, and consistently delivered solid performance. With the very positive contribution to my organization, I was promoted twice in 3 years. Since the first day I joinedRead MoreAudiology1156 Words   |  5 Pagesrelated to audiology and their patients. The aspects about this career that interested me the most would probably be right away as I read the job name, seeing â€Å"audio† immediately caught my attention. Personally, if I were to lose one of my senses, I’d hope it’d not be hearing. For me, music is a big part of my life, and losing hearing means losing music, singing, and dancing. If I were to get into this job, a main goal for my life is to want to help people; so having the opportunity to help

Research work in Business and Problems †

Question: Discuss about the Research work in Business and Problems. Answer: Introduction The main purpose of the business research work is to collect information that is necessary in preparing the operational plan of marketing that helps to establish a connection between the outcome and goals of the business. According to Hazen et al., (2014), a complete and thorough research of the market is an important part for all well organised business that helps them to get an idea of the overall market and also the demand of the target group. Quality is another important aspect of all business research that aims to collect information about the standard of the product that is being manufactured and also ensure that no compromisation is done on matters related to the quality of a product or service. With the help of proper business research it is also possible to collect vital information related to the buying behaviour of the customers and also detail information related to all the other competitors that exist in the market. The department of quality control is an important area of all business development process that helps to ensure that the standard of any manufactured product is maintained and is sold in the market only after proper testing and conducting proper research. The output of the quality needs to be measured in respect to the satisfaction level of the customer. Zikmund, et al., (2013), have mentioned that proper and accurate information related to the quality of a product is an important part of the business research that helps in the process of overall improvement of business planning. It is also the duty of the sales department to ensure that only high quality products are being launched in the market that can help to deal with the issues related to customer satisfaction. Problem Statement Poor business research and analysis can have drastic effect in the overall business process and can also compromise on the level of standard and quality of the product that is being offered by the business. Wilsdon (2016), has stated that poor research is generally associated with collection of inaccurate data and information related to the quality and quantity of a manufactured product that is being launched in the market. As business research is a process of getting systemic and in-depth study of all problems and issues related to various Department of Business without proper desserts it is not possible good deal with this major challenges in various operational activities of business. Inaccurate business research is also associated with poor systemic development and improper decision making process. The research in the quality check department of a business is an important part that helps to ensure only the best quality product is being launched in the market for sales. Poor quality of product can seriously harm the reputation of a business organisation and can also affect the overall sales of the company. It is one of the most primary duties of every business organisation to have proper quality Assurance check department which will help to conduct proper research related to the quality of the product and also collect proper information related to poor quality management. The poor conducted business research can come up with inaccurate data related to the quality of a product and hence the customer will not be able to get satisfied product. According to Drotar (2014), the overall process of the qualitymanagement process includes quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and improvement. Without the help of proper business research it is never possible to fulfil all the criteria ofquality management and thereby the overall planning process can be compromised. Without the help of the research in the quality management department there is high risk involved about defective manufactured product being sold in the market that can seriously home the reputation and trustworthiness of a business organisation. Proper quality check Assurance is an important part to ensure high level of customer satisfaction and also to increase the brand value of a business organisation. This can help to improve the overall sales and marketing process of a product and thereby help to increase the level of profit that is being and from the market. Research Objective The main objective of this project work is to investigate upon the impact of for market research and development process in matters related to quality management of all business organisations. It also aims to investigate on the cause of poor sales andmarketing management that is related to inaccurate Data Collection related to the quality management department Conduct proper investigation and identify the cause of poor market research and quality development process. Properly identify the impact of poor research in the quality management department. Research Questions What are the cause and effect of poor market research and development process? What are the impacts of poor market research in the department of quality management? Rationale and Justification of the Research work According to Pagell0 Shevchenko (2014), the poor quality product that is being launched in the market for sales can have serious effect on the business reputation of an organisation. The quality of a product and also the level of standard has been one of the most ethical issues of business that helps to control the trustworthiness of a brand. Poor quality product can compromise on that total level of productivity and profitability of a company. In case low quality product is being used in the process of manufacture it can have serious effect on the overall rate of profitability of the company as most of the customers will not be willing to spend their money. Poor level of customer satisfaction can also directly affect the overall process of sales and marketing. Poor quality can also directly affect the overall capital that is being invested by a company in the process of manufacture. Hence, it is important for all business organizations to have primary focus on the research work of the overall performance of the quality and sales department, which will help them to maintain a high level of reputation and customer satisfaction rate. With inaccurate and wrong information that is collected from poor research of the quality and sales department it is never possible to improve upon the overall business performance and also increase the reputation and level of customer satisfaction in the market. Hence it is important to identify the effect of poor business research and also its impact on the overall process of sales and business. Expected Outcome The outcome of this business project will help to identify the cause of poor market and quality research that is being conducted in all business organisations. In spite of the challenges that are involved in the overall business process it is important to identify the impact of poor business research. With the help of the result of this project it is possible for all business organisations to improve upon the performance of the quality and sales management. The result of this project will also benefit all reputed organisation which will help them to take extra precautions while conducting any research work related to the quality management department. It will also help to identify the cause of collecting proper information related to business research. Hence, it is possible to avoid all circumstances related to poor and inaccurate accurate data collection. Conceptual Framework and Hypothesis The poor quality management service and more information collection system due to inappropriate research methods in business are regarded as one of the main cause of financial loss of business organisation. It is believed that the financial instability is mainly responsible for the overall poor quality of business research work that helps in the overall operational Management Service. Higher percentage of the profit can also be done with the help of proper quality management techniques. According to Goetsch, Davis (2014), it is also possible for a business organization to have better level of competitive advantage with the help of the effective quality management service. The overall framework and systematic guidelines of the quality management can also be modified with the working protocols that are related to the effective research quality. It is also the duty of the marketing manager to deal with the overall consequence that is associated with all poor and inaccurate research work. Based on the problem of the research work and research objectives, it is important to set the research hypothesis that is needed to meet the demand of the research work. With the help of the research hypothesis it is possible to deal with the issues that need to be addressed in the overall research work. The null hypothesis is one of the most important parts of the research work, which specifics that there is no difference between the specified population and also among the most important part of the research work (Vaioleti,, 2016). In this research work the null hypothesis is that the poor research work has direct impact on the overall quality management process of the business organization. In this case the research hypothesis is set as follows Methodology This section of the project helps to identify the overall method that is being applied in the research work. It will also help to provide proper justification for the exact method that is being used in the overall project. Literature Review The section of the research methodology will aim to identify all the existing literature related to the consequence of poor research in quality and sales management department. All the relevant theories and models along with the ideas related to poor business research will be critically analysed. The various themes related to the consequence of poor business research will be discussed thought only that will help to identify the common cause an impact of poor Quality Management Research. Various peer reviewed journals will be used for this section that will be available in Google Scholar and many others science database. All the previously conducted project work in the relevant department will also be considered for this literature review section. Data Series and data collection methods Proper method of Data Collection process is an important part of all research projects which will help to collect all necessary and relevant information for data analysis and discussion part. According to Taylor et al., (2015), there are two types of data that can be collected in all research project work. The primary data is the first hand data that is collected directly from the sample size. Interview survey and questionnaires are used in order to collect primary data for any research project work. On the other hand there is also the secondary form of Data Collection method in which the research focuses on collecting information from all previously conducted research work of the relevant topics and subject. However, one of the main advantages of collection of primary data is that it can provide the latest information related to the subject of the research work and also the issues that have been identified in the research problem areas. For this research project of identifying the effect of poor research work in quality management department it is essential to use the primary method of Data Collection that will be done using survey and questionnaires of various workers in the quality management department of a business organisation. With the help of the survey questionnaires it will be possible to collect necessary data and information that can help to identify the impact of poor research work. The data series is also one of the important parts of the business research project. It helps to represent all the collected data from primary and secondary sources in the form of flow chart diagrams and graphs (Silverman, 2016). This can help to identify all the statistical information related to the impact of poor research work. The balance sheet of the business is one of the most primary important documents in data series that can help to identify all the financial loss that occurred within a company due to the effect of poor quality product. The survey questionnaires will also aim to address the issues related to poor quality management system that is caused due to inaccurate and incorrect information system. It will also help to identify the proper intervention needed to avoid the effects of poor quality management and also to improve upon the research work in the quality management department that can ultimately help to improve upon the sales and marketing performance. The questionnaires of the survey will be designed in such a way which will help to identify all the impact of poor quality management and also the effect of poor research work in the following department. With the help of the proper research work, it is possible to identify the direct cause and impact of poor research work (Vaioleti, 2016). Liker scale is one of the commonly used effective tools that are used in all server assessment in order to identify the strength of positive and negative impact of poor quality management. The parameter in the liker scale will help to properly identify the impact of poor quality management (Panneerselvam, 2014). For example the workers of the quality management department will be asked questions related to the intensity of the poor research work that can be rated in the scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 will indicate strong positive effect and 5 will indicate strong negative effects). The proper analysis of all the result and data that is obtained from the survey using the liker scale will help the researchers to identify the exact impact and effect of poor quality management and poor research work in the sales department of a business organisation. Data Analysis Method The data analysis section is one of the most important parts of research methodology that helps to analyse all the collected data that is gathered from primary and secondary sources. Karp et al., (2016), have mentioned about the two types of data analysis methods that are used in all forms of the research work. Quantitative data analysis method is one of the popularly used systemic approaches that are used to in the investigation process to analyse the numerical data relevant to project work. Quantitative data management is also an important part of quality improvement service. With the help of quantitative data it is possible to improve upon all the collaborative approaches that help to promote the quality of the manufactured goods and also to identify the impact of poor research work. It is also important in this context to monitor the process of Data Collection method that can be properly analysed with the help of quantitative methods. All the statistical information related to the poor quality management can also be managed with the help of quantitative data analysis and also evaluate proper intervention steps in order to avoid the consequence of poor research work that can compromise on the level of Quality Management Service (Billig Waterman, 2014). In order to imply the qualitative data analysis method it is important for the researchers to deal with the existing literatures and secondary information that are available for the impact of poor quality management. It will also help the researchers to use the existing theories that can help to deal with the consequence of the poor market research and poor quality management. According to Bauer (2014), it is important to use all the relevant theories and models in the subject area of the research in order to properly imply the qualitative data analysis method. The qualitative data analysis is one of the most effective techniques that can be used to properly evaluate the effect of poor quality management and poor research work in a business organisation. It is important to identify the theories and models related to effective Quality Management Service that can properly help to identify the impact of poor quality and inaccurate information that is collected from poor research work. Hence, in the on-going research project work of identifying the causes and impact of poor research work in quality management department it is important for the researcher to use both primary and secondary data and also analyse them using mixed method of data analysis that implies the technique of quantitative and qualitative method. With the application of two types of research work and data analysis method it will be possible to identify the accurate cause and impact of poor quality management. Moreover critical evaluation of the existing literature related to the research project work will also help the researchers to compare the data that is needed in the data analysis. References Bauer, G. R. (2014). Incorporating intersectionality theory into population health research methodology: Challenges and the potential to advance health equity. Social Science Medicine, 110, 10-17. Billig, S. H., Waterman, A. S. (Eds.). (2014). 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